Whimsical Unicorn Crochet Pattern

Whimsical Unicorn Crochet Pattern

Whimsical Unicorn Rug
By Audrey
I’ve decided to create this Whimsical Unicorn rug I know there are tons of patterns out there for Unicorn rugs or as a wall hanging. I just didn’t seem to think that any of them gave me the look of what I really was trying to achieve. This one you will see in these photos is for a girl I know and we do trades she also does some really awesome work, of screen printing and such she saw a rug I did for our little girl’s room and asked me to do a Unicorn for her girls. I said sure that’s way easier than the Owl I did. Well I joked myself that time, especially when I redid the head 10x, however I love the look of this now. So I’m in hopes that others may enjoy my very Whimsical Unicorn pattern here.
The pattern starts from the bottom of the head up. This I feel gives me more control when adding and decreasing in stitches.
US terms, written in English
Gauge not needed

Stitches used:
Sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
Dec- decrease
DC- double crochet
Crab- Crab stitch
Bead- Bead stitch (DC than around the post of the DC you just made yo insert hook, yo, pull thru 3 loops on hook continue until you have 9 loops on hook, pull thru all 9 loops)
Shell- shell (2DC, ch1, 2DC in the same stitch)
Bbl- bobble (3DC in the same stitch)

Yarn used:
Bernat Mix Baby Big Ball: 2 rolls- Color Coral… giving the color so you can understand the cutting apart of it. I took mine apart and cut the yarn to match each other on one roll to use for the variations in the pattern.
So there is:
Smooth texture-pink
Fur- mint
Textured-multi & plain
Caron Party: 1 roll, 2 colors
Premier Parfait: 2 rolls
London Kaye: 1 roll
I’m trying to give you as close to approx in how much yarn I used however I’m a yarn hoarder haha… this was made from scraps. So I will try and be as close as possible in how much you need. YAY!!! I did that.
5-10mm different sizes do to all the different types of yarn
Yarn:Premier Parfait & Bernat Mix held together.
Hook: 10mm
Row1: ch6, hdc5, ch1, turn
Row2: hdc5, ch1, turn
Row3: 2hdc, hdc3, 2hdc, ch1,turn
Row4: hdc7, ch1, turn
Row5: 2hdc, hdc5, 2hdc, ch1, turn
Row6: hdc9, ch1, turn
Row7-15: 2hdc in 1rst and last stitch, hdc in others, ch1, turn
Row16-23: hdc, ch1, turn
Row24-29: dec in 1rst and last, hdc in others, ch1, turn
Yarn: Premier Parfait
Hook: 7mm
Row30: sc around the whole outer edge
Row31: crab stitch, not the top of the head, tie off, set aside
Head is all finished

Ears: Make 2
Yarn: Caron Party
Hook: 5mm
Row1: ch4, sc3, ch1, turn
Row2: sc, bbl, sc, ch1, turn
Row3: 2sc, sc, 2sc, ch1, turn
Row4: sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, ch1, turn
Row5: 2sc, sc2, 2sc, ch1, turn
Row6: sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, ch1, turn
Row7: 2sc, sc5, 2sc, ch1, turn
Row8: sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, ch1, turn
Row: sc9, ch1 turn
Row10: repeat Row8
Row11: repeat Row9
Row12: repeat Row8
Row13: dec, sc5, dec, ch1, turn
Row14: sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, bbl, sc, ch1, turn
Row15: sc7, ch1, turn
Now we’re going to work up the sides…
Yarn: Caron Party
Hook: 5mm
Row16: hdc15, in same stitch (2hdc, ch1, 2hdc), hdc15, ch1, turn
Yarn: Smooth pink
Hook: 8mm
Row17: DC, ch1, sk1, DC Bead stitch around the DC post just made repeat all the way to the other side until last stitch DC, ch1, turn
Row18: hdc to the point, in the same stitch (2hdc, ch1, 2hdc), hdc down the other side, hdc along the bottom of the ear, ss, ch1
Yarn: Textured
Hook: 7mm
Row19: sc in the 3rd loop to the ch1sp, in the ch1sp (sc, ch1, sc), sc in the 3rd loop down the other side, ch1, turn
Yarn: Fur
Hook: 7mm
Row20: hdc blo to the ch1sp, in the ch1sp (2hdc, ch1, 2hdc), hdc blo down the other side, hdc along the bottom of the ear, ss, ch1
Yarn: Premier Parfait
Hook: 7mm
Row21: 2DC, sk1, sc, sk1, shell (2DC, ch1, 2DC), repeat to the ch1sp, in the ch1sp (2DC, ch3 ss to 1st ch, 2DC), than do repeat down the other side to the corner, shell in corner stitch, hdc the bottom edge in the last stitch (2DC, ch1, ss to 1st DC made).
Tie off.
You can leave a long tail for sewing if you wish. I personally like to do the ears both at the same time so I will set one aside and do the other section by section. It’s personal preference of what you’re more comfortable with. You can also sew onto top of head now or at the very end.
Yarn: Bernat Blanket/Caron Party held together
Hook: 10mm
Ch14 in the 2nd ch from hook
Row1-7: hdc13, ch1, turn
Row8-12: dec, hdc, dec, ch1, turn
Yarn: Caron Party
Hook: 5mm
Row13: sc around the entire outer edge, 3sc in the top point of horn.
Row14: sc, sk1, shell, sk1 repeat to the middle sc at the top point in this sc (2dc, ch3 ss to the 1st ch, 2DC), than do the repeat down the other side.
Yarn: any
Hook size: use a .5mm smaller than yarn calls for. (if use 5mm hook than use a 4.5mm) this will give a better curl for the hair
You can honestly make these as long or short as you prefer and as many as you like. I did 3 different yarns, 3 in each color. Use a bit longer of a tail to start and to finish. About 2” is what I did.
Ch31, 3sc in each ch to the end. Tie off

Eyes: Make 2
Yarn: Bernat Blanket Black
Hook: 10mm
In the round
Row1: ch2, sc5 in the 1st ch, ss, ch1
Row2: 2sc in each, ss, ch1
Row3: 2sc, sc repeat to end, ss
Yarn: Premier Parfait Melon
Hook: 7mm
Rows and rounds
Row4: ch1, 2sc, sc2, 2hdc, 2hdc, DC, 2DC2, TRC, 2TRC, 2DC, hdc2, sc3, ch1, turn. (working as a row)
Row5: sc3, hdc2, 2DC, DC, 2DC8, hdc4, sc4, ss, ch1, turn. (working in row.)
Row6: sc3, hdc8, DC, 2DC3, DC5, 2DC3, DC, hdc8, sc5 along the bottom edge, ss. (working in round)
Yarn: Bernat Blanket White
Hook: 10mm
Working in round
Row7: ch1, sc4, hdc33, sc5, ss, tie off.
Yarn: Fur
Hook: 7mm
Tie on where you want your eyelashes to be placed. I chose to have mine off to the side a bit. I tied on above where my rounds started originally.
Row8: sc6
1st (sc, ch13, sc12, ss)
2nd sc,
3rd (sc, ch11, sc10, ss)
4th sc
5th (sc, ch9, sc8, ss)
6th sc, tie off.
Reverse for 2nd eye so eyelashes are in the correct place.
Nostrils: Make 2
Hearts placed upside down. Use your preferred heart pattern.
Yarn: London Kaye
Hook: 10mm

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