Custom Crochet Hook sets

Custom Crochet Hook sets

Today I’m so truly proud to get to share this post!!! I’ve been messaging with a wonderful man known as Walker Works. This is a Family Owned business and also a Veteran owned business out of Georgia USA.
Walter Works creates beautiful pieces and the reason I’m writing this blog post about him is I wanted to share it with as many as possible.
He creates crochet hook sets that are AMAZING and easy to travel with if you’re going to appts or even on holiday. You will be well noticed using his gorgeous hooks that you can also have custom made to your liking. While you’re ordering the hooks you might as well go ahead and order a yarn bowl. He is able to create these beauties with acrylic or wood.
Crochet Hook Set includes:
1 Handle
6 metal hooks sizes:
Includes travel box to hold handle and 6 hooks
Starting @ $60USD (the handle you choose will vary in cost)
Can also order additional hooks for $4.50USD
Interchangeable handle. Flip the hooks to store into the handle.
7-10day turnaround
Ships anywhere in the world shipping costs are determined on location.
Custom orders require ½ down, ships when payment is paid in full.
Invoice through your email and he excepts PayPal.
So check this AMAZINGLY talented man out and show him some love and order yourself or loved ones some beautiful, unique one of a kind pieces.
I know what I’m asking for my birthday gift this year.

Check out a couple of his pics below and click the link above to check out all of his Amazing works.


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