Bow Tie How to

Bow Tie How to

Free crochet how to pattern.

Crocheted bows

I say bow only because I prefer to put it onto a regular strap rather than make one for kids and have to hassle with the button. Or you can make one if you wish. I will post how to do that on the bottom.
4 weight yarn or what you prefer if you want to use thicker/thinner you can. Just adjust accordingly.
With 4 weight yarn I use a 5mm hook

Here we go!
Working in the round.
Leave a bit of a tail with your slip knot about 3” Ch30. *if you want a wider bow add ch here.
Careful not to twist the ch, ss, ch1.
Sc in each ch around, ss, ch1.
Sc in each Sc, ss, ch1.
Keep repeating until the bow is the height you want. I usually do about 10 or so rows.
*if you want a taller bow add more rows here.
Tie off leaving another 3” of a tail or so.
Than wrap the tails around the “right side” and tighten and adjust to your liking. Than grab some extra yarn and wrap it around there. Be creative you can use anything and color to wrap this area. It’s the center of your bow. I’ve used raffia and all kinds of fun different things that the kids decided they wanted on there. *My kids are past the baby and toddler years now and have been wearing these for many years and now I make them for Otis(fur baby)
If you’re wanting it permanently on the piece than really tighten it if you’re wanting to make them more interchangeable than I’ll usually loop something through it to make it removable. Or I will do the last few wraps looser to fit another bow strap for around the next on for my little man, Barrette for little princess, collar for little fur baby.
I’m not particularly excited about the blue one here but so you know it’s over a couple years old. And still looks pretty good if I just remember to take the star off it would still be a perfect royal blue bow.
Collar area.
if you want to also make your own piece for around the neck no matter human or fur baby decide the height you want to have it and ch enough stitches to make that height *Otis was very little.
I did ch4.
Than I prefer to do this in hdcblo, ch1, turn.*you can do any stitch here again I just like the comfort that hdcblo gives.
If you’re wanting to add a button follow this.
When you’re on the 2nd to the last row since I had only 3 hdc I did hdc, ch1, sk1, hdc, ch1, turn.
Than on the last row hdc in the hdc and also the ch1. You will most likely have more than I did here.
I added in some pics I hope you enjoy.

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