The Fam Hoodie for Fur Babies

The Fam Hoodie for Fur Babies

Free Crochet Pattern of “How to”

The Fam Hoodie… Otis style if you’re Family is like mine and everyone needs to match you can get the “human” The Fam Hoodie with the link in this pattern.

The Otis Fam Hoodie
I wanted to create this hoodie for my little fur baby because #1 he’s my baby and #2 Otis’s human brother and sister really wanted him to have matching outfits. You can find the “human” pattern here

Otis is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix and would wear a size small in pet clothes. Otis is a male so the front of his poncho is a bit shorter than if you have a female. I’m going to tell you the basic “how to” directions in this free pattern post.

You can truly use any yarn and hook you will just need to adjust your beginning chain and such. Like I said this is a free “how to” you can also use any crochet stitch that you would like for it. I’ve just really been into the Lemon Peel lately here because I love the texture and warmth and easiness of it.

Here we go!!!

Yarn: Bernat Blanket
Hook: 10mm
Lemon Peel- Sc,dc than on the next row you would start with dc,Sc on each row you’re doing the opposite as before.
Ss- slip stitch
Sc- single crochet
Dc- double crochet

Hood: (if you have a larger dog than my little guy start with more ch here)
Sc,dc,Sc,dc,Sc,dc,Sc,dc,Sc, in the last ch dc,Sc,dc, now working on opposite side of the ch do the same starting with Sc,dc,Sc,dc,Sc,dc,Sc,dc,sc, ch1, turn.
Start this row with
Dc,Sc, in the middle stitch of the 3 you made on previous row you want to again put 3 stitches in that stitch
Repeat this 1 more time for a total of 4 rows with the increase.
(This is what makes the hood wider and fit around the head so if you need a larger hood you can continue this here or stop and just add more regular rows. If you have a fur baby with a wider head like a bully breed, or such you would want to add more here)
Than do the pattern for 2 more rows with no increase.
(If you’re making a bigger hood keep going here)
When done with rows of hood mine was only 6 rows I than
Ch3 and ss to the opposite side of hood than I sc evenly around the bottom. Tie off.
(If you have a larger dog you will want to ch more this is the part that goes across the neck)
Now for the front and back.
Place hood flat I use stitch markers and leave some space on the sides in between for legs. Place stitch marker where you want front piece to begin and end do the same for the back piece.
Now tie on where you placed the marker.
Sc,dc to the next marker, than ch1, turn.
Here you want to add a stitch at the beginning and the end of the row to get the chest area larger. You would want to place a Sc dc, in the same stitch together in the first and last. Follow the other stitches as normal
R3: regular row
R4: increase row
(Again for a larger fur baby increase until wide enough)
R5-10: regular rows
(Otis is a male so I stopped here for females you can make a tad longer also bigger dogs keep going again)
Tie off
Repeat this same process for the back side.
I did 5 extra rows to go to his tail.
For the sides I used a piece of yarn and weaved them into the sides just like a shoe string. Start at the top but don’t forget this is where the arm goes so leave space for that. Just weave it in and out to the bottom of where you want it to stop.
I like this also for older dogs it’s easier to get their older arms in and out.
There you have it.
All done.

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